Wellbeing Essentials

Wellbeing Essentials

by Marteen Buchanan
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26 Jan 2015  |  0 Comments


Wellbeing Essentials is a natural wholefood nutritional supplement that has been designed & formulated to deliver all the micronutrient needs of your dog.  It takes all the guesswork out of providing your dog a “real food” homemade die & enhances their long term health and vitality. It’s primary role is to serve as a nutritional safety net, ensuring the calcium to phosphorus ratio is met, and supplying micronutrients that are frequently low or missing in home-made diet.  It does this through 20 delicious natural fresh wholefoods and super foods rather than a synthetic vitamin mix.

It is also high in Omega 3 and (good)6 and ground nuts and seeds not only contribute these good Essential Fatty Acids but deliver an abundance of minerals often low or missing in diets.  A prebiotic (inulin) along with a probiotic (L.Acidophilus) contribute to ongoing gut health.  It includes a collection of super foods that are high in antioxidants and known to contribute to long term health.  Bilberry has benefit to eye health as well as research showing it is a tumour scavenger in dogs.  Reishi Mushrooms have substantial research to support its benefits to long term health.   

These ingredients are included to ensure that even if the home made diet is less than perfect, the dog is still getting a wide plane of nutrition.  

Wellbeing Essentials, will over time improve the overall health of the dog, by virtue of increasing the plane of nutrition, with bioavailable health foods.

A positive change can usually be seen in 3 weeks, with improved coat and skin, increased vitality, and changes in health would be apparent within 3 months on Wellbeing Essentials.    

10 reasons to try Wellbeing Essentials for your dog today!

1. Peace of mind - adding wellbeing essentials to their existing diet provides a safety net that all your dog’s nutritional needs are met.

2. No guesswork - you don’t need to work out the calcium, the vitamins & minerals, the healthy digestion, the EFA’s… It’s all done for you!

3. It’s safe to use – containing only all natural human grade ingredients, whole & super foods so there is no risks of over-dosage.

4. Your dog will think it’s a treat! – it’s designed to be delicious and they will love it - just sprinkle onto your dog’s food.

5. Visible difference in your dog on the outside – glossy coat, bright eye, increased vitality – and what is happening on the inside is the gift of long term health & vitality.

6. It contains 20 delicious and natural fresh wholefoods and super foods.

7. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients and pre and probiotics - all directly from premium human food ingredients.

8. It’s all natural - there are no nasties, no numbers, & natural antioxidant (vitamin e) to keep it fresh.

9. You can use it with an existing commercial pet food diet - adding a spoonful (according to weight) on your dog’s dinner is all that is required.

10. It’s fresh and real - and helps to expand the nutritional levels that your dog has to draw upon to maintain long term health and wellbeing.

From now until the end of February, we have 20% of our complete range of Nutritional supplements including Wellbeing Essentials click here to take advantage of this great offer today. 



Author: Marteen Buchanan

Marteen Buchanan

Marteen has her Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse qualification and has ten years experience working in busy vet practices, during which time she has run many successful puppy preschool classes. She particularly enjoys being hands-on with the patients and is skilled in blood-taking and IV catheter placement. In her time off she enjoys the outdoors and owns a beautiful Persian cross named Tayla. Marteen has recently established Puppy Preschool at All Natural Vet Care, which she runs a 4 week program.

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